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About Nationwide Haul

Nationwide Haul is a family-owned and professionally managed company with Christian values and fundamentals. Our management team has over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. The company has offices and locations throughout Florida and Georgia but services clients nationwide.

As a licensed dealer, we specialize in both new and used semi-truck and semi-trailer inventory.

We Buy, Sell, and Lease

Nationwide Haul buys, sells, and leases equipment, all of which is well-maintained. We inspect every unit for safety as well as quality assurance.

By buying equipment, we help both you as the seller and our company. You get a fair price for the trailers, tractors, or trucks you no longer need and a hassle-free and quick selling experience. At the same time, we get to expand our inventory of used vehicles. This also helps other clients like you by helping us maintain our vast inventory. That vast inventory is part of what appeals to clients, as it means we are likely to have exactly what you need.

Whether you choose to buy or lease equipment from us, you will benefit from that vast inventory. You will also appreciate the relationship our team builds with your company, including our dedication to thoroughly understanding your needs. We even offer financing, something many of our clients choose to take advantage of.

We Also Repair

Because our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, we also offer repairs for your trucks, semi-trailers, RVs, or buses. With multiple service locations, you can choose the one that is most convenient for your trucking company and routes.

A Focus on Customer Satisfaction

At Nationwide Haul, we don’t want to just meet your expectations; we hope to exceed them. This comes through in our dedication to exceeding customer satisfaction. We go out of our way to treat every client like we would want to be treated, fairly and honestly.

We work at building good relationships with our clients, as this allows us to deliver better customer service. We hope that once you buy or lease from us once, you will continue to do so for all of your future fleet needs, thanks to the relationship we build and the quality of our vehicles.

As part of our dedication to customer satisfaction, we go above and beyond just buying, selling, and leasing trucks and trailers. We also offer perks like excellent warranties or the Nationwide Haul TCS Fuel Card to save you thousands of dollars a year at the pump. Another of our unique perks is free DOT inspections for the life of your vehicle. We also have connections with trucking insurance companies, making it easy to protect your investment in your new equipment.

High-Quality Equipment at the Best Direct Price

When you buy or lease equipment from Nationwide Haul, you can count on receiving high-quality equipment for the best direct price. Offering fair prices allows us to maintain our high standards for customer satisfaction, leading to repeat clients.