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Nationwide Haul specializes in Reefer Trailer, Dry Van Trailer, Flat-Bed Trailer, Dump Trailer, and Class 7 and 8 Truck Sales, Equipment Financing, Leasing/Rental, and Full Service Truck and Trailer Repair. Nationwide Haul is an authorized OEM dealer for Stoughton and MAC Trailers in the Florida Market. Nationwide Haul is a direct source for new and used quality equipment at the most competitive prices in the country.

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Stoughton Reefer Trailer

Stoughton Refrigerated Trailer

Stoughton’s PureBlue refrigerated trailer is an innovative, conventionally designed trailer that is more thermally efficient, lighter weight & safer than other competitive trailers on the road today. The use of bonded side posts reduces the number of holes in the sidewalls to aid in preventing moisture into the trailer.

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Stoughton Z-Plate® Trailers

Stoughton’s revolutionary Z-Plate® vans are built from composite laminate panels. These unique, patented poly-laminate panels are manufactured using epoxy coated inner and outer galvanized steel skin for superior durability even in the most demanding applications.

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Mac Trailer

MAC Dump Trailers

The MAC series of Dump Trailers and Straight bodies offer four design configurations that are engineered and manufactured to meet your rigorous hauling demands. Whether you are hauling, rock, sand, gravel, scrap, salt, construction materials, agricultural products, MAC stands ready to be tested!

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MAC Flatbed Trailers

From tandem flatbeds, to multi-axles, to B & A-train combinations, to single drop decks, the Road Warrior or to our latest addition the MLP-6 and MLP-8 Flatbed, the MAC aluminum flatbeds have earned their stripes through a reputation for being a trailer of structural strength appealing to a spectrum of transporters.

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